Sunday, May 4, 2008


Acting: Grade: C-
Direction: Grade: B
Writing: Grade: C+

Overall: Grade: C+

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Chase said...

c+?? only a c+??? this is one of the best hark back movies to the 80s slashers that was the best era of horror. This movie does not go for the useless one liners that has recked such sequels like Nightmare on Elm street and such. It comes with folk legend, 3 icons of horror, and enough pointless gore that it makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

The 80s slashers were about building suspense of the legend, the bad acting, the bad lighting so the gore can't be seen as well as you want it, so you have to use your imagination when you are watching.... makes the blood darker and the wounds look that much worse. I believe this movie is up there with Freddy, Jason, The Burning. I believe it deserves at least an A- for the B movie..... come on Phil darlin', you're breaking my heart here LOL