Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Ring

Acting: Grade: B
Direction: Grade: A-
Writing: Grade: A-

Overall: Grade: B+

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Chase said...

OH please tell me you are joking? just like the grudge there was an unwarranted hype surrounding this movie here. I will admitt the directing and the imagery was strange and well done, but not enough to evoke any real atmosphere of fear or uneasiness. The concept, I will admitt begrudgingly, is a good one, but I did not get a sense that I had used my time wisely when I watched it. I think the best thing to come from this movie is the spoofs in other films. For people who do not normally watch horror and get scared easily, this is a movie for them... one for preteens to take dates to and try to get to second base... other than that, quite boring. no, you do not need fast paced gore for a good horror, but much better vibes.... didn't see the second, and don't feel I have missed out ;-)